Friday, 28 December 2012

What do butterflies do when it rains?

On perfect days of brilliant sun
and huge cotton clouds
we think of jeweled wings
fluttering on a breathless breeze
lighting on the countless colours
that bloom before the eyes

Yet, when the clouds turn
and dim the sun
with their rolling dark
why do we never wonder
what the butterflies do when it rains

Clinging to a stalk
wings pressed tight together
as watery globes
batter and spatter
back and forth
straining strength
dripping, drooping
jewel dust smeared and running
crawling, climbing
towards the promise of the sun
of lighter wings
a return
to their place
in our perfect dreams

Thursday, 27 September 2012

ELA SY Assignment

Poster found in BU Education building.
Wanted: Liberty
Skilled, passionate individual seeks free enterprise
Writer, reporter, producer, journalist
A career
A job
Paid daily
Individual liberty
A growing stipend
Spring, summer and fall
with humane benefits
And paid training
Free mentoring
Passionate about paid career

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Higgs boson may not have been found after all

Just last week
The most important physics discovery of the century

Physicists announced the elusive Higgs boson
Had been found
Or a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson
That elusive Higgs boson
Had been found

Physicists weren't using microscopes to view the boson directly
That elusive Higgs boson
They were looking at other particles
Researchers used those
Along with particle physics theory
To claim the discovery
The elusive Higgs boson had been found

But not so fast
The physicists weren't using microscopes
They were looking at other particles
Scientists didn't discover the Higgs boson
That elusive Higgs boson
But instead
Other particles
An imposter
A mix of particles

Without more data
No one can really say for sure
Who's right
The Higgs boson
That elusive Higgs boson

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Elder Abuse Sentences to be toughened

Elder Abuse

“Our Government has a responsibility to protect elderly Canadians,

“This legislation will help ensure tough sentences for those who take advantage of vulnerable members of our society.”

There are already similar provisions under the Code for other vulnerable persons,

Such as minors,

Nearly one-in-10 seniors’ experience some form of abuse

But it’s often not reported.

Public awareness initiatives are always welcome

More is needed, or course, to detect, investigate, prosecute

And ultimately end elder abuse!
-D Cowell

Monday, 12 March 2012

Antihydrogen undergoes its first-ever measurement

Could finally give up its secrets

Every particle has an antiparticle
The electron has the positron
The proton has the antiproton
Except opposite charge

An antiproton and a positron
The simplest anti-atom

The antimatter hydrogen
The simplest anti-atom
Could finally give up its secrets

Trapping an antihydrogen atom
It's finally possible
Scientists expect its secrets

Friday, 2 March 2012

MLB Widens Post-Season Field To 10 With Wild-Card Playoff

Baseball at last decided
Who's in and who's out
The long-expected decision
Expanding the playoff format to 10 teams

Come October
A new one-game, wild-card round
Between teams who are not division winners
Come October
Even a third-place team can win the World Series

This is the first switch since 1995
It's a good thing for baseball
A good thing

As long as the playoffs
Don’t get watered down
But that won't happen
It's a good thing for baseball

He said
The more, the merrier
I like the extra spot
I understand why they're doing it

That seems to be what the people want
Teams who are not division winners
Watered down playoffs won't happen in baseball

He said
I hope we get that extra spot
Hopefully, we're that playoff team
I think it's great

Expanding official
Schedules already drawn
It's a good thing for baseball
Seems to be what the people want

He said
I like the extra spot
I didn't think that the next round was cheapened
I didn't think that

See the Controversial Photo

a Dad Bottle-Feeding His Baby

Does This Image Bother You?


decided to edit the image

state the obvious:

a dad bottle-feeding a baby

An ad

being judged.

the breast versus bottle debate.

has been rough on

a great dad

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Mysterious Electron Acceleration Explained

A mysterious phenomenon
A space conundrum

Kraken simulation

Solar winds stretch magnetotail
Energy stored akin to stretched elastic

Parallel field lines “reconnect”
Parallel field lines “reconnect”
Elastic band releases all at once
Electrons propelled toward Earth with colossal oomph

Cause of aurora?


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Dancing with the Stars

12 celebrity contestants were announced
This season's cast
The usual
Relatively unknown Disney Channel star
Co-hosts and actor
Professional athlete and tennis player
Semi-forgotten TV star
Singer, singer-songwriter and Gladys Knight
Ridiculously hot dude
The usual

My personal favourite
Who do you think?
Steve Urkel
The nostalgia factor
Steve Urkel
Has to have moves
A shoe-in for the final three