Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Beard

My beard is very strange
It's rough and coarse and itchy
With roots
Deep inside my face
I can feel it
Deep inside my face!

Washing doesn't help it
No shampoo, nor conditioner
No soap, nor body wash
Can soften this wiry wood
On my face
It's growing
On my face!

Shaving doesn't stop it
It grows back before the dawn
Ruthless barbs
Tearing through my face
Needles and knives
Tearing through my face!

There is one brief moment
Smooth of face
Not rough and scratching
Nor an agony of growth
It is the worst of all

For, in this one brief moment
I feel my hair
Deep inside my face
My beard
Coiled, living
Deep inside my face!

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