Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Parabolem I: And then winter comes

When I think of winter, I am skating.
I shoot o’er smooth ice, a dart, a moment.
I turn, spin and dash long past sun’s fading.
When I think of winter, I make snowmen.
The snow sparkles, crunches as I roll balls.
Coal smiles, twigs wave on my icy humans.
When I think of winter, I deck the halls,
Wrap presents, sing songs. An end to waiting
Comes that bright morning. Peace, goodwill to all.

I dream of snuggling, hot chocolate in hand,
Watching flakes, like marshmallows, drift and dance
I dream of sleds whipping along the land.
Snow spraying, now bailing, downhill advance.

And then winter comes

I dread the dark, the early, endless night
Waking without seeing, sunless fumbling.
I dread icy patches hiding from sight.
Sliding, jerking, jolting, twisting, tumbling.

When I live in winter, I bow my head
To the whipping, biting wind. Ice inside
My lungs. My soul, my bones shaking with dread.
When I live in winter, I try to hide
In layers, but cold is all devouring.
Nostrils freeze, skin numbs, bites, burns when outside.
When I live in winter, I am scouring.
Flesh burns, freezes to make a path to tread.
When done, it snows. I flee crazed, cowering.

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